I’m not chasing fame nor fortune, rather adventure and experience. I need no record label or radio play, just the opportunity to do what I love for the people that love it and enough remuneration to continue living this international affair.

You won’t see me on the television or in the magazines. I have no desire to waste my time creating an image that fits their agenda. You’ll find me on stage. Exploiting my talent. Overcome with passion. Devoted. Happy.

And there and then, I promise, you will feel happiness too.

I’ve been travelling the world for 3 years now. Living entirely on the money I make from performing. If you would like to support my musical endeavors and help me fund the next album, please head over to my music page and purchase some of my past recordings.

Number of countries visited: 22
Time on the Road: 2 year 271  Days
Number of Shows played: 421
Where are we now: Australia
Where to next:  Thailand

#looptheworld TV


5 thoughts on “Home

  1. Hello Simon, Dennis here from Indianapolis Indiana, USA. Just wanted to know why your perfect performance with DIO, The song The Last in Line was deleted from youtube, Google and everything fuckin else. I watched at least once a week for months. Do you know how I can see this video again? Like Ronnie said, “If you don’t hit hard, you need not apply” !

    1. Hey Dennis, sounds like you’re a big fan. Unfortunately not a fan of this Simon Wright. I never played drums for DIO or AC/DC, I’m a loop Artist from Byron Bay. Not the first time someone has confused us. I was once offered free flights and accommodation if I came and laid down a drum track for a rock band in Brazil. I was so close to accepting their offer, need a little more practice on my drum chops though.

  2. Hi Simon & Hannah!

    Just met you guys today at the Gili harbour. I had a look on your website but couldn’t find when you’ll be playing in Rotterdam. So could you tell me the date and the place please?


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