It started out as an idea that developed into a dream and now that dream has become reality. On March 28th 2015 I set off to #LoopTheWorld with my guitar, loop station, change of underwear and girlfriend Hannah. The idea is simple, go where the music takes us. It’s an adventure in living simply and putting faith into humanity and the unknown. So far I have had shows in Australia, Thailand, Greece, Austria, Switzerland, England, France, Holland, Germany and Denmark.

Number of countries visited: 10
Time on the Road: 1 year 115  Days
Number of Shows played: 230
Where are we now: Skagen, Denmark
Where to next:  Aalborg, Denmark on July 20th 2016

#looptheworld TV

Below is a playlist of the videos Hannah and I have made with the help of friends we meet along the way. This playlist will continue to grow as our journey moves along. Sign up to the mailing list to get the new videos, and all the latest news on shows and travel plans straight to your inbox..

Sign up for the #looptheworld best bits at http://www.thesimonwrightband.fanbridge.com

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