One thing that really inspires me….

ImageOne thing that really inspires me is people that support the local independent music scene. I myself try to help out my fellow musicians by attending shows, buying their albums, helping them book tours or however I can. For me though, it is for more of a selfish motive. I do my best to make a living from my music, so my support in the scene is because I hope for the same in return. The ones that truly inspire me are the punters, the ones that attend show after show, buy the EP’s, share our music amongst their friends and support us in anyway that we let them. They don’t do it because they hope one day that I buy their album or pay to see their concert, they do it because they love to. They do it because they feel that they are part of a community, they feel it’s their responsibility and because of these people, there is a community and I am so proud and lucky to be a part of it.Recently we filmed and recorded a 5 track EP after winning some studio time in a band competition. The initial plan was to film something suitable for youtube, a video demo. At the end of the day we were so happy with the outcome that we decided to release it as a stand alone EP. The only thing was we needed to spend a bit more time and money in the mix to get it up to standard. That is when I came across A great new tool for independent artists to fund their projects without having to secure loans or take money from somewhere else it was needed. Basically the artists offers their fans an opportunity to invest in their project. By making a pledge the fan is then rewarded with a token of gratitude. Often that will be a copy of the album, tickets to the opening night of the film or sometimes something much more personal like a private performance. Ben Abraham offers his fans a reward of “An afternoon in the studio and a chance to play a featured note on the album” for a pledge of $500 or more in a successful campaign where he was able to raise over $17000 for his debut album. A friend of mine Jess Harlen managed to have a successful campaign raising over $4000 which I know helped immensely in the release of her latest album “Park Yard Slang”. Other friends Jamie Barlow and Renee Cassar recently succeeded in reaching their goal of $5000 for the production of their debut Private Life EP. Two weeks ago we launched our own pozible campaign, so far we have raised over $700 which is so inspiring, and means a lot to us. A special shout out goes to Mark Fellowes, Rich Hibberd and Stuart Allen for their particularly generous pledges. We need to reach our goal of $2000 by 14th Sept for our campaign to be successful, which I have no doubt it will be.

So a big thank you to all of you out there that support local independent music. The world is a much better place because of you.If you would like to check out what we came up with in the studio and put a pledge on, there is a video on our pozible page.

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