One Week to go for our Evelyn Residency

ImageIt will be a sad day on September 4th, the first Tuesday in 4 months that Shane Evans and I wont include rocking out on the Evelyn Hotel stage. Some of you may not know but a couple of years ago I held a residency at the Evelyn for 2 years with my band the Eclective. So it is safe to say that that stage has hosted more Simon Wright shows than anywhere else, 172 shows to be precise. I love that stage, it feels like home for me. I love that every week it is different, but still the same. I love that the staff have become my family, I’ve seen them come and go and even managed to fall in love with one of them. I’ve watched Ivor ‘John Quid’ Jakober make the same bad jokes for over 4 years now. I’ve watched Rodney pour his canned coke over his wild turkey hundreds of times. I’ve watched John Mandich pack down those barriers time and time again. I’ve enjoyed my brief chat with John D’Alessandro every week when I drop off my invoice and pick up my cheque. I love how much of an awkward geek Dave is even though every girl that walks through that bar has had a wet dream about him at some stage. I know the Evelyn Hotel, inside out, and I love it. To all the staff and all the punters that have made The Evelyn Hotel my local, thank you so much.

Next week is our last Tuesdays at the Evelyn show, we intend on making it a bit special. Come make it special with us. Supports include Big Words and Anthony Young Music and I’ll have a few special guests up. See you then
Si x

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