Shane Evans at Ultimate Drummers Weekend

in the Studio during the recording of The Simon Wright Band’s “Live at 52”

Shane has been playing drums ever since he was a kid. His proud mother Linda would often tell us the stories of Shaneo bashing away at his pots and pans kit before he was even talking properly. So it is fair enough to say that drums were his destiny from day dot and not surprising that this weekend he has been asked to perform representing DW drums at The Ultimate Drummers Weekend here in Melbourne City, along side name like Dave Weckl and Virgil Donati.

Shane and I first started playing together back when we were teens. We even had plans to start a Rage Against The Machine cover band. At the time I had played a little guitar but was by no means proficient so in the typical teenage garage band fashion we decided that I would play bass (it only has four string, so it’s got to be easier right?) and sing. Turns out the boys found someone that could actually play bass and I was kicked out of the band before we’d begun. That band went on later to recruit singer Sam Buckle, then later, Casey Dean and become “Engine Three Seven” for which Shane is still playing for. There was a period of about four years that Shane and I were not in an official line up together but even then, when ever we had the chance we would Jam out a few songs at the Blue Tile Lounge. These days Shane has branched out a little and begun playing with several groups, even taking on the role of bass player for his newest outfit Flight for Giants. With an impressive resume under his belt including international touring and session work with some of Australia’s biggest names in music production, there is no doubt you’ll be seeing his name pop up in the drum scene world wide.

Check out Shaneo in action during the recording of our latest EP “Live at 52” – Watch Video...

Shane is playing at the Ultimate Drummers Weekend in the DW room on Sat 25th August at 1.115pm More info….

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