The Simon Wright Band Melting Pot Gig Review

ImageEvelyn Hotel – Tuesday 17/7/12

There’s an air of anticipation at the Evelyn Hotel tonight for those like me who can remember the two-year Monday night residency previously held by Simon Wright with his long-running funk/roots act; Simon Wright & The Eclective. Why? We’ve got a member of The Eclective back on stage – guitarist Tristan McCoppin – and just like the old Monday nights, the band are embarking on a double set!

I’m sitting by candlelight as Simon strums the classic blues intro to his opening song; a slow blues number which attributes the influence of to his blues-guitarist father from Byron Bay, aptly showing his versatility.

Drummer Shane Evans is introduced as his alter-ego ‘Shaggy’ by the third song which is always an entertaining novelty and crowd favourite (tonight is no exception), where Shane’s vocal style, generally reserved for harmonies and backing vocals, is brought to the forefront of the performance as he imitates 90′s rasta/rap star ‘Shaggy’ with impressive poise.

The familiar tunes begin to flow through: ‘Music’; ‘Four Letter Word’; ‘You Don’t Know’, all with the refreshing sounds of Tristan McCoppin’s super-clean telecaster.

There is something I find it hard to get over with this new line-up, however which is the lack of a horn section which used to give Simon’s tunes a punching line of versatility and presence. I hope Simon looks to reinstall this in the near future.

Also, the drumming style of Shane Evans may be far removed from that of his predecessors in Simon’s acts; but there is a certain air and feel that the two possess together that creates an intimate musical understanding. Shane lacks no talent on the kit, but….  Read the full article


Written by Josh Forner


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