“Music” Makes The Cut

The Simon Wright Band MusicOz AIMA Finalists

Tomorrow I fly to Sydney to take a walk on the red carpet and be a part of this years Australian Independent Music Awards at The Star Casino. The MusicOz AIMA are held annually and celebrate the achievements of our country’s independent artists. There are 18 categories ranging from pop to live, the category that we have become a finalist in. Though it is a minor category, I am so proud to be recognised by my industry.

It’s been quite the journey for “Music”. I wrote it many years ago when I first decided to move to Melbourne and concentrate on my performance career. It only just missed the cut when we were deciding on the tracks for “SW&theE” EP back in ’09 with the Eclective. When I finally had the opportunity to get in the studio again after winning some time in a battle of the bands, “Music” was the first on the track list. Since then it has gone on to be a top 30 finalist in this years Catapult National Song Contest, got me selected as a finalist in Telstra’s Road To Discovery and now a top 12 finalist in this years MusicOz Australian Independent Music Awards Live category. I suppose it’s fitting that this song would stand out. Over the years my music has changed and morphed in so many directions but I have always identified with “Music”.
WordpressQuoteYou often loose a connection with songs you write as you move past the time that you wrote it. You can grow out of them, loose interest or sometimes you just don’t like bringing up that part of your emotional history, but this song, has always been close. It’s always felt like me.

I am a wreck at the moment, anytime my music is judged professionally, I go crazy. The thought of winning gets me over excited and the thought of not winning is terrifying.
I keep reminding myself that I’ve already made the achievement the day I wrote the song, then again the day I first performed it for an audience, then again the day I recorded it, then again when I was nominated and became a finalist. Still, the butterflies in my stomach and the cracks in my confidence care for none of that. They care for one thing….. and it’s not coming runner up. I’m also shit scared of red carpets. Not the carpet itself, that would just be weird, but the concept. I know the media aren’t going to want to talk to me, they will be swooning around the Bernad Fannings and John Butlers, so what do I do? Just stand around and try to not get snapped mouth breathing with my finger in my nose. Or even worse, what if the media do want to talk to me? What am I going to say. What if I win, what am I going to say? Shit, what am I going to wear.

Video for “Music” By The Simon Wright Band, MusicOz AIMA 2013 finalist in the “Live” category

“Music” Live in the Studio by The Simon Wright Band

Wish me luck gang,
Si x

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