Music Oz AIMA 2013 list of Winners….. and one sore loser.

Simon Wright and Hannah Blake on the red carpet at the 2013 Music Oz Australian Independent Music Awards.
Simon Wright and Hannah Blake on the red carpet at the 2013 Music Oz Australian Independent Music Awards.

Yesterday I flew to Sydney to take part in the Australian Independent Music Award held at the Star Casino’s new entertainment center. I had been nominated for an award in the “Live” category for the track “Music” from our EP live at 52. Unfortunately I didn’t win. Ouch!
They say winning isn’t everything, and they are right. It isn’t. Losing is a thing too, just a much shitter thing. I’m not good at not winning. It real tears me up. From the moment they announced the winner, I tuned out. I assure you I took full advantage of the open bar at the after party.
There was some great music at the after party. First up the Lachy Doley Group, a three piece (Drums, bass, hammond organ) layed down some heavy groove dirty blues then Gang of Brothers followed up with some sweet uptempo funk. Usually I’m not that into busy bass players, but this fella had feel in all the right places and was all over that fret board like a fat kid on cake. It was great to watch.
Despite a few hick ups, and fucking losing, it was a great night.

Congrats to Claude Hay and his track smile that took out the top spot in our category.

Here is a list of the other winners –

Jazz / Classical
Tom &Jerry Rock The 13th Floor

Metal / Hardcore
AshWednesday Boudior Party
Gay Paris


Burning Skies

Should’ve Told Me
July Days

Let There Be Hope feat. Adam George
Blaq Carrie

Hold Me Again
Leisure Bandits

World / Folk
The Fight
Gypsy’s Gift

New York Minute
Colin Bullock

Ditty – The Adventures of Johnny Stenchfoot
Oumi Kapila

Dance / Electronica
Feet In The Sand
Rose Wintergreen

Give the Girl a Spanner
Kate Cook

Christian / Spiritual
Silver Cities

People’s Choice
Thank You City

Budweiser Producer / DJ
Let It Out (Jono Fernandez Remode)
Jono Fernandez

Blues Roots
Give Me a Reason

Your Words

Acoustic – Singer Songwriter
The Meadow
The Short Fall

Artist of the Year

Congratulations to all the winners. For a full list of finalists in every category click here.

Keep supporting Australian independent music.
Si x

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