Tell me this isn’t art!

There is an ongoing debate typical with the older generation and the youth, though the conversation crosses many ages and demographics. Is graffiti art or vandalism?
I don’t think anyone could watch this video and not agree that in this case, it is most definitely art. Not just the Graffing, but the cinematography and the sound track. A truly inspiring performance by all involved.

My home town Melbourne is a mecca for street art and I personally love it. I know a lot of my peers do to and I often see travelers taking the time to walk Melbournes famous alley ways taking pictures of some of the best street art Australia has to offer.

I understand that the horrible “tags” that go up through out the city can often look pretty bad but we need to understand. There is no such thing as a professional without there being a whole bunch of armatures. There is no one out there is saying Goyte is shit because they saw a weak performance by some bloke named Brian at the local open mic night last Monday. Bad comes with good and good with bad. I say ban the billboards before you ban the can.

If you want to see people arguing over the point check out

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