Back to Thailand – Giggin’ in Paradise (now with Andy V)

In two weeks I jump on a plane back to one of my favorite spots so far, Koh Tao. A small island in the middle of the Thai gulf known as a divers paradise as it is surrounded by clear tropical water teaming with coral and wildlife. This will be my third visit to the island and I’m beginning to feel quite at home there. I’ve been called out again to play at an Aussie bar in the main town of Sairee Beach called Choppers. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday there is a pub crawl on the island that stops by Choppers for their live music fix and I’m the dealer. It’s a wild gig.

First set I can relax and entertain the small crowd of diners with whatever songs and mood I choose but second set is a compleately different story. At 9pm the Koh Tao pub crawl arrives and for the next hour and a half I am on full throttle squeezing everything I’ve got for a full house of sweaty reved up party people. By the time I finish the gig I’m physically exhausted but already looking forward to the next one.

This trip I’ve decided to make myself more busy so I’ll be playing every other day at a bar on the beach called Fish Bowl as well as Sundays at Raw Art Movement. I’ll be bringing my loop station to help keep the dance floor hot. Check out the video below for what to expect. I cant wait to get back to Thailand.

I’ll be on Koh Tao in Thailand performing at Choppers, Fish Bowl and Raw from the 17th May till the 20th June. If you or anyone you know is going to be in the area, please come/send them along.

UPDATE: My mate and DUBfx partner in crime Andy V is going to be joining me for a string of shows on the island between the 2nd and the 13th June. Bringing his proficient ability on keys, sax, vocals and loops…. yep more loops. Andy used to play with me in the Eclective. We did a show together in Byron Bay recently and it was great!! I can’t wait Koh Tao, we’re goin to have some fuuuun!!

Chopper crowd from where I sit. The shirt/singlets they are all wearing come with the pub crawl.

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