Band scams Spotify for $20,000….. and they are really good.

I caught a good one surfing the net this morning. I came across an article in my facebook feed. Here is a link if you’d like to check it out – An Enterprising Band Made $20,000 Scamming Spotify. It caught my attention and I’m glad it did.
The basic gist was; A band that goes by the name Vulfpeck recorded an album of silence, named it Sleepify, uploaded it to Spotify then asked there fans to stream the album overnight while they slept to help fund an upcoming tour. They clocked up $20,000 worth of streams before Spotify caught on and had the album removed. Brilliant!!

It gets better though. I then went on to check out their music, and it’s awesome! With a name like Vulfpeck (terrible name, but it’s growing on me) I was expecting some kind of Scandinavian math metal band but I was pleasantly surprised. Quirky instrumental grooves with that 60/70’s soul feel. And the production on the videos, though at times does come across a little hipstermatic, is equally as impressive. Low budget, no fancy bells n whistles, just a bunch of blokes making quality material.

Their website is possibly the most simple I’ve ever seen

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