One month, eleven shows, one radio performance, three festival appearances, one missed flight and 1715km in.

I’ve started writing this post in my sisters living room in Potsville, Northern NSW, Australia. I had planned to begin at this time during our layover in Kuala Kumpur, Malaysia but due to a very silly mistake we woke up still here in Oz.

Last night my mother, who is up here from Tasmania at the moment lapping up the first days of my newest little nephew Malakai’s life, was driving Hannah and I to the airport. We were reminiscing on the beautiful weekend we’d just had together and saying our goodbyes until we rocked up to an airport that was all but shut down. As we pulled up to departures and started unloading our luggage we were greeted by a security guard that insisted the last flight has already left. Of course I didn’t believe him and had to check the departures board myself. He was right, we missed our flight. I never miss flights, there goes that perfect record. I felt like a real idiot. I still do. But I guess these things happen.

Looking back on the month we’ve had, I have to say, we’ve had a lot more luck than misfortune and our successes far out way this little stuff up.

Thanks to Key Witness for this photo from my Blues Fest performance.
Thanks to Key Witness for this photo from my Blues Fest performance.

We are now just a little over a month into the #looptheworld adventure and in that time we have managed to sell out of the first pressing of my loop EP “Live on Koh Tao, win a place on stage at the three times nominated Pollstar Awards Best Festival in the World, Byron Bay Blues Festival, be invited to loop live on air on Byron Bay’s own community radio station Bay FM and featured on the on-line TV channel Byron Bay TV and the most exciting of all; I’ve become an uncle for the 3rd time to my little nephew Malakai.

My dad, Dave Wright.
My dad, Dave Wright.

We spent most of this last month staying with my dad, Dave out at his caravan in Suffolk Park. It’s only modest, but the most glamorous type of modest going round. He is meters from the beautiful Suffolk Park shore line in a quiet little leafy corner. I love hanging out with my dad during these tours to Byron. We often get deep into sorting the worlds problems out over a joint or two before giving up and just strumming our guitars together. It’s a pleasant existence and the perfect way to slow down from the big city life. Dad also came and played a couple of shows with me. For those that didn’t already know, music was also my fathers profession. These days he only graces the stage when I’m in town. He’s still got it though, the crowd love him.

Byron has been amazing, hanging out with the family and seeing old friends. The perfect start to our adventure. I’m looking forward to getting on to the next bit though. Next time I write I’ll be in S.E Asia. Tomorrow morning, early (I’ve checked three times already) we fly to Malaysia. There is no connecting flight tomorrow so we have to stay the night in Kuala Lumpur. That gives me a little time to work on my quest for the worlds greatest bowl of laksa. Tune in next time and I’ll let you know how I go.

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