The Beautiful People We Meet #1: Mohamad Jordan

I first met Mohamad, or Mojo as he is affectionately know as on the island, back in Nov 2013 during my first tour to Koh Tao. Every time I return our friendship and his generous hospitality grow stronger. When we arrived here on Thursday night he was there to greet us at the pier. It felt so nice to be welcomed back to this beautiful place with a friendly face. His hospitality didn’t stop there. Next he drove us to Sairee beach where I was performing a show that night at Choppers Aussie Bar and Grill. Then he ducked out to book me a room, at his own expense, then returned with the key and sat and watched me perform.

Mojo and I having a jam my first night on Koh Tao
Mojo and I having a jam my first night on Koh Tao

Before the night was out, he was up on stage with me jamming. Sounds like a good bloke yeah? And I haven’t even mentioned yet that while we were here in February he put Hannah through her open water and advanced diving courses. Now on our return he has offered Hannah a job in his dive shop and will be taking her through her Dive master trainer course. This afternoon while Hannah goes out for a dive on his boat, he’s taking me around the island looking for some more permanent accomodation.

Thanks Mojo, you’re a top bloke.

If you are ever on the island of Koh Tao and you plan on getting certified as a diver, go see Mohamad and his beautiful fiancé Dylan at Mojo Divers. Their prices are competitive and their staff and service are the best. Tell him I sent you.

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