Gig Profile: Chopper’s Aussie Bar and Grill Koh Tao, Thailand.

I’m very blessed to be doing what I’m doing. Traveling the world sharing my music and making a living doing so. In an effort to help out those that dream of doing the same thing, I’ve decided to start writing up the details of the venues that support my art – and my wallet – as I go. This will be the first ever #looptheworld Gig Profile and where better to start than at Chopper’s Bar on Koh Tao in Thailand.

choppers 3I first started performing at Chopper’s back in 2013 just 2 weeks after buying my loop station. One might say it was my international debut. It’s a crazy gig. Hot, sweaty, full throttle Thailand madness. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday they hold a pub crawl on the island and I’m the entertainment for the hour and a half they spend at Choppers. It’s the biggest bar crawl in S.E Asia boasting an impressive 180 max capacity and regularly sells out. The gig starts at 9pm and consists of 2 sets. The fist set I play to a bar of seated patrons enjoying a meal and their first drinks for the evening. This is a great opportunity to share my original music and warm up to what happens next….

At 10pm the pub crawlers arrive – 180 drunken maniacs. choppers 1They squeeze into the already busy bar and quickly fill the dance floor. 5 minutes into the second set they are dancing on the tables and having the time of their life. The gig is very demanding. The second set is long, hot and sweaty. By the time I finish I’m absolutely exhausted. A few weeks on Koh Tao and you’ll be more gig fit than you’ve ever been. I often loose weight on Koh Tao despite the efforts of the Banyan Bar staff and their Sunday roast. The combination of Thai food, hot weather and Chopper’s marathon gigs trims off the winter belly better than any diet the internet is trying to sell you. Jeff, Chopper’s Bar Owner, will offer you up to 4 shows a week. If you back that up with some shows at the other bars on the island as I do you can easily end up playing 7 nights a week.

A professional photographer shoots every pub crawl so you are likely to get a few good shots. I love playing Chopper’s but I wouldn’t suggest it to those that aren’t prepared to work hard in the hottest gig environment you are likely to encounter. If it does sound like something you’d be into feel free to contact me for more information. Alternatively get in contact with Jeffrey Glenn and send him a video of you performing live. You’ll need a pretty decent repertoire of high energy, up tempo cover material. That said, you can get away with playing your original material -particularly in the first set.

Location: Sairee town, Koh Tao, Thailand.
Gig contact:
Pay: 2000-3000 Thai Baht (Solo) 3000-5000 Thai Baht (Duo)
Gig season: All year round (high season Dec-Feb and July)
PA:  FOH – 4 x JBL 15″ passive speaker boxes (250-1000 watt)
Foldback – 2 x JBL 10″ passive speaker boxes (250 – 600 watt)
Sure SM58 Microphones
12 Channel Mixing desk
Stereo Graphic EQ (FOH  and Fold back)
No sound man so experience in running a PA helps.

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