Gig Profile: The Beach Hotel Byron Bay, Australia

This will be the seventh instalment of the #looptheworld Gig Profiles. As I travel the world playing music for a living I will be writing up these Gig Profiles in an effort to help out those that dream of doing the same. I hope you find the information helpful. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I’ll do my best to help out as much as I can.

“The Paul Hogan Show” 1973-1984. John Cornell and Paul Hogan in their comedic heyday.

The Beachie as it’s known by the locals, or if you’ve been around long enough, The Top Pub. Also famously known as Paul Hogan and John “Strop” Cornell’s pub. One of my favourites! Not just because of the view of the ocean, or the size of the stage, or the quality of the lights and PA, or the professionalism of the sound man, or the generous rider, or the great pay, or the big crowds, but because it’s in my home town and it carries so many memories. I used to go to the Beach Hotel when I was a young boy to see my father perform. Back then it was a fibro shack, not the $65 million award winning beach side beer palace that it is today. The venue holds an impressive 2000 people and over the summer months it is often a full house. I’ve been lucky enough a few times to play to capacity crowd there with my band The Eclective. Memorable moments. The stage has been known to host impressive international acts. Everything from The Wailers to members of the Wu-Tang Clan. Unfortunately since Cornell sold it a few years back the entertainment budget has taken a cut. Some of the headlining international acts have been replaced by DJ nights, but with music still happening seven nights a week there are still plenty of opportunities to get on that stage.



The type of crowd you can expect is varied. Backpackers and locals, stags and hens, young and old. One thing they all hold in common is that they are there for a good time. Melancholic singer songwriters will unlikely get a look in, they are more after anything you’d put on at the hight of your house party. Funk, rock, disco, up beat reggae and dance. Anything they can stomp their feet and shake their hair to. It’s going to be a bit more difficult to book a gig here than most of the other venues in my Gig Profiles. Almost every musician that has stepped foot in the place has dreamed of playing a show on the Beachie stage. You are going to need a decent enough presence on social media, a website, an album and some high quality videos. Glen Ward, or “Goobs” as he’s know affectionately by his work colleges back in his home town of Melbourne, is the man you’ll need to talk to. He is also the professional sound man I mentioned earlier.  He’s very busy, so don’t be offended if your emails receive no reply. Be persistent but not a pest. The pay is going to vary a lot from the solo Sunday afternoon acts to the headline touring artists on a Saturday night. Don’t be afraid to ask for top dollar but don’t overprice yourself. Like I said the competition to get in is fierce. Once you do get in, if you impress the boss, it will be easier to get in next time and you can always negotiate the price again. You’ll need to lock the show with about 4 months notice as they book well in advance. If you are finding it difficult to get Glen’s attention, there is always the open mic on Tuesdays where you can get a spot to show him what you’ve got.

Playing the Beach Hotel was always a high point on my east coast Australian tours. While writing up this Gig Profile I’m getting excited about the next time I’m back in Oz, back home in Byron, playing music for my family and friends on that impressive stage.

Gig Location: Johnson St, Byron Bay, Australia
Venue Contact: Glenn ward via email glenn[at]
Pay: $300 – $10,000
Capacity: 2000 cap

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