DubFx to Produce Debut SW Loop Album

It’s been a long time coming but it’s time to lay down what I’ve been working on. In January 2017 I will be hitting Tree Top studios in Victoria, Australia to record my debut studio loop album. I’m super excited to announce that producing the album will be the studio owner and one of the worlds most recognisable loop artists, Ben Stanford (A.k.a DubFx).

Ultimately it will be a hip hop album but I’ll be breaking it up with my signature blues, reggae and soul influences. I hope to compile what I’ve learnt not only as a looper but as a song writer, musician and independent artist over the past 10 years. Up until now I have not released a full length album and the EPs that have been released, due to a hand full of reasons, have fallen short of what I’d hoped for. This time I plan on going the whole hog. Spending the money and taking the time.

I’ll be calling on the talents and experience of not only DubFx but also some of the amazing artists I’ve had the pleasure of working with over my career to help develop both new material and a few old classics. If there are any songs you’d love to hear on the album please feel free to make suggestions.

The project in it’s entirety feels a little overwhelming right now but over the next 6 months I’ll be chipping away at it bit by bit. I hope you guys are excited as I am.

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