Top 10 #looptheworld Shows So Far

No. 2

Rossli Bern August 2015

This makes the no.2 spot for a few reasons but the main one is because it was such a surprise. While on Koh Tao in Feb 2015 I met a guy named Yannick while playing a show at Fishbowl Beach Bar. He told me that he helps run a venue in Switzerland and he’d try he’s best to book a show there. Once we arrived in Switzerland later that year I got in contact with him. At first we were unable to lock down a date as everything was booked up. Then out of nowhere he contacted me and said they had an opening. It was last minute, a Thursday night, I was an unknown in Switzerland and we had little time to promote so both Yannick and I were expecting a small turn out. To both of our surprise we were far from correct. By the end of my first set the room was full. The audience was super attentive and respectful. The lighting and sound were very professional. I had a great dance floor happening. It was buzzing!

After the show and due to it’s success the venue very generously upped my pay. They also gave me a great room for the night, a delicious meal for both Hannah and I and showed us so much respect. I can’t wait to get back!

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