Top 10 #looptheworld Shows So Far

No. 4

Fishbowl Koh Tao farewell Show June 2015

Saying goodbye to Koh Tao is bitter sweet. It’s so sad to leave that magical little island but every time I do i put on a farewell show that fills my heart with tropical warmth that will last the longest of winters. Koh Tao is hot! All the time. So standard attire is thongs (flip flops for those of you from the northern hemisphere), shorts and a singlet. This show I wanted to give the island a more authentic version of the Simon Wright show so I dressed up in my typical stage wear. Jeans, a collared shirt, a tie and a waist coat. Woooo weee did I sweat it out. By the end of the set I’d shed a few layers of clothing and replaced them with the love of my island friends. I play fishbowl a lot while I’m on the island, 2 to 3 times a week, but this one was by far my favourite.

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