Top 10 #looptheworld Shows So Far

No. 1

Banyan Koh Tao Farewell Show Feb 2016

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And finally, the big No.1.

What a great night! I’d been on the island almost 2 months by this point. It was also the 6th time I’d visited Koh Tao. Every time I leave I put on a farewell gig and every time it is such a beautiful night but this one takes the top spot! One thing that is disappointing about Koh Tao is the lack of decent audio production. Choppers and Fishbowl have a PA that is more than enough to do the job but at the same time it’s nothing special. For my big finale I wanted the island to see me at my best. Playing my original material through a big PA. A proper Simon Wright concert. I asked the boys down at Banyan if we could get a special rig in for the event. At first they were a little unsure. Particularly when the quote came back for what I was after. I mentioned to the boys that if they didn’t want to spend the money, I would. Of course being the supportive legends that they are they said “No, we’ve got it”. After all the fuss I was super nervous that we would not pull the numbers to make the boys outlay profitable. I should never have worried. We ran the night like a small festival with music on from 6pm till after 1am. Opening the night was my good friend and go to guitar tech on the island Andy Stock. After Andy another good friend and fellow global adventurer Ricardo Gonzalez, then a sneaky set by a last minute random before I jumped on stage for my solo set. Already the night was cooking but what came next was the icing on the cake. My good friend and amazing loop musician Andy V (of Dub Fx) who had been on the island for a couple of weeks performing with me was next to play a solo set. He got the sub woofers doing their job and brought in the party end of the evening. Andy then invited me back on stage to take out the evening with a improvised Drum and Bass set. The vibe at the bar was electric, the turn out was enormous, the drinks flowed freely and the love was felt throughout. One of my favourite shows ever!

Thank you Koh Tao, thank you Banyan, thank you Andy V, Ricardo and Andy Stock, thank you everyone who came out. A night to remember! Let’s hope there are many more to come!

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