Live at 52 session (4 Tracks)

Back in 2012 we won a battle of the bands style competition at the Evelyn Hotel on Brunswick st in Fitzroy. The first prize was a days recording at a studio in Collingwood named Studio 52. I knew we couldn’t do much in one day. Even tracking one song would take more than that so instead we decided to try something a little different.

Originally the plan was to get one song filmed and recorded at a professional quality as a promotional video for youtube. We workshopped four tracks; Music, Four Letter Word, Baby Move and When Good Things Fall Apart with Mikey Chan. We hoped of the four one would come up satisfactory for the project. I went for the two acoustic guitars as I wanted the production to be as raw and acoustic as possible. I borrowed two cameras from some good friends of mine Stu and Appleberry and had my mum Narelle and my girlfriend Hannah operate them. We played through the set from start to finish four times in the studio, filming everything. Two takes before lunch and two after. Turns out the best take was the first one after lunch, for every track. Lunch was pizza and scotch for those of you that want to know the secret formula.

By the end of the day with were more than happy with all four of the tracks and decided to release the session as a stand alone EP. We even jammed out a blues track before we left in one take that made the cut (Pappa’s Blues). I then gave the tracks to Damien Charles for mixing and post production. Again, I asked him to keep the audio as raw, acoustic and true as possible.

I’m really happy with the way it all turned out. I think it is a very real indication of where my music was at the time.
Live at 52 is available for download from iTunes, amazon and all major online music stores.


“Music” Makes The Cut

The Simon Wright Band MusicOz AIMA Finalists

Tomorrow I fly to Sydney to take a walk on the red carpet and be a part of this years Australian Independent Music Awards at The Star Casino. The MusicOz AIMA are held annually and celebrate the achievements of our country’s independent artists. There are 18 categories ranging from pop to live, the category that we have become a finalist in. Though it is a minor category, I am so proud to be recognised by my industry.

It’s been quite the journey for “Music”. I wrote it many years ago when I first decided to move to Melbourne and concentrate on my performance career. It only just missed the cut when we were deciding on the tracks for “SW&theE” EP back in ’09 with the Eclective. When I finally had the opportunity to get in the studio again after winning some time in a battle of the bands, “Music” was the first on the track list. Since then it has gone on to be a top 30 finalist in this years Catapult National Song Contest, got me selected as a finalist in Telstra’s Road To Discovery and now a top 12 finalist in this years MusicOz Australian Independent Music Awards Live category. I suppose it’s fitting that this song would stand out. Over the years my music has changed and morphed in so many directions but I have always identified with “Music”.
WordpressQuoteYou often loose a connection with songs you write as you move past the time that you wrote it. You can grow out of them, loose interest or sometimes you just don’t like bringing up that part of your emotional history, but this song, has always been close. It’s always felt like me.

I am a wreck at the moment, anytime my music is judged professionally, I go crazy. The thought of winning gets me over excited and the thought of not winning is terrifying.
I keep reminding myself that I’ve already made the achievement the day I wrote the song, then again the day I first performed it for an audience, then again the day I recorded it, then again when I was nominated and became a finalist. Still, the butterflies in my stomach and the cracks in my confidence care for none of that. They care for one thing….. and it’s not coming runner up. I’m also shit scared of red carpets. Not the carpet itself, that would just be weird, but the concept. I know the media aren’t going to want to talk to me, they will be swooning around the Bernad Fannings and John Butlers, so what do I do? Just stand around and try to not get snapped mouth breathing with my finger in my nose. Or even worse, what if the media do want to talk to me? What am I going to say. What if I win, what am I going to say? Shit, what am I going to wear.

Video for “Music” By The Simon Wright Band, MusicOz AIMA 2013 finalist in the “Live” category

“Music” Live in the Studio by The Simon Wright Band

Wish me luck gang,
Si x

The Simon Wright Band Melting Pot Feature

ImageInspired by South Pacific Reggae and ’50s/’60s rhythm and blues, The Simon Wright Band has taken their new EP Live at 52 in a different direction. Due out in late September, the 5 track EP was recorded and filmed as a live session in the studio.

Though he grew up in a house with over 30 guitars and had a musician for a father, lead vocalist and songwriter Simon Wright had little interest in music. A keen surfer and skater, Simon only took up playing and writing songs about 10 years ago when he became disillusioned by university. Early influences like Ben Harper have given way to bands like Fat Freddy’s Drop and Che-Fu, as well as Dirty Loops and ’90s soul.

Rather than pigeon-holing themselves in one genre, The Simon Wright Band has created a fusion of styles that allows for spontaneity in their gigs.

Mixing soul, funk, rhythm and blues, as well as some crowd-pleasing Michael Jackson covers, The Simon Wright Band continues to gain a reputation for their dynamic live performances.

At present the EP is going through a final mix and Simon has launched pre-sales through the crowd sourcing website Pozible…… Read the full article

Written by Chris Gorley


Music – Live at 52

Opening track for the upcoming EP “Live At 52”. Available world wide Oct 1st.
Shane Evens drops his stick in the middle of the first verse and goes on to play half the song with one stick. Recorded live May 14th 2012 at Collingwoods Studio 52. Order you pre-sale of the EP now from More info….

Music – The Simon Wright Band feat. Mikey Chan from The Simon Wright Band on Vimeo.

Opening track for the upcoming EP “Live At 52”. Available world wide Oct 1st.
Shane Evens drops his stick in the middle of the first verse and goes on to play half the song with one stick. Recorded live May 14th 2012 at Collingwoods Studio 52. Order you pre-sale of the EP now from More info….

One thing that really inspires me….

ImageOne thing that really inspires me is people that support the local independent music scene. I myself try to help out my fellow musicians by attending shows, buying their albums, helping them book tours or however I can. For me though, it is for more of a selfish motive. I do my best to make a living from my music, so my support in the scene is because I hope for the same in return. The ones that truly inspire me are the punters, the ones that attend show after show, buy the EP’s, share our music amongst their friends and support us in anyway that we let them. They don’t do it because they hope one day that I buy their album or pay to see their concert, they do it because they love to. They do it because they feel that they are part of a community, they feel it’s their responsibility and because of these people, there is a community and I am so proud and lucky to be a part of it.Recently we filmed and recorded a 5 track EP after winning some studio time in a band competition. The initial plan was to film something suitable for youtube, a video demo. At the end of the day we were so happy with the outcome that we decided to release it as a stand alone EP. The only thing was we needed to spend a bit more time and money in the mix to get it up to standard. That is when I came across A great new tool for independent artists to fund their projects without having to secure loans or take money from somewhere else it was needed. Basically the artists offers their fans an opportunity to invest in their project. By making a pledge the fan is then rewarded with a token of gratitude. Often that will be a copy of the album, tickets to the opening night of the film or sometimes something much more personal like a private performance. Ben Abraham offers his fans a reward of “An afternoon in the studio and a chance to play a featured note on the album” for a pledge of $500 or more in a successful campaign where he was able to raise over $17000 for his debut album. A friend of mine Jess Harlen managed to have a successful campaign raising over $4000 which I know helped immensely in the release of her latest album “Park Yard Slang”. Other friends Jamie Barlow and Renee Cassar recently succeeded in reaching their goal of $5000 for the production of their debut Private Life EP. Two weeks ago we launched our own pozible campaign, so far we have raised over $700 which is so inspiring, and means a lot to us. A special shout out goes to Mark Fellowes, Rich Hibberd and Stuart Allen for their particularly generous pledges. We need to reach our goal of $2000 by 14th Sept for our campaign to be successful, which I have no doubt it will be.

So a big thank you to all of you out there that support local independent music. The world is a much better place because of you.If you would like to check out what we came up with in the studio and put a pledge on, there is a video on our pozible page.