Simon Wright – TV on the Radio

Live and Local BayFM and Byron Bay TV present:

On Sunday April 26th 2015 I had my first ever loop performance on live to air radio and Will Hayman from Byron Bay TV was there to catch it all. The performance took place during the Sunday midday show Live and Local with Al Stark on Bay FM 99.9 three weeks into my #looptheworld tour.

The playlist above has three videos:
She Told Me (BayFM Reloop)/Gather The Matter

This is actually two songs but ever since I started performing them and always grouped them together. Eventually I plan to have most of my set like that. The first track “She Told Me” I wrote while on stage once at the Birmingham Hotel on Smith st in Collingwood. I’d looped the start of the track and a woman approached me from the dance floor. I don’t think she quite understood the loop concept. She came up and started yelling “You need to sing!” The next words to come out of my mouth were the chorus “She told me that I need to sing, down here at the Birmingham”. I often appropriate this song to whatever venue I am playing at the time. This performance you’ll notice I sing  “She told me that I need to sing, on live and local BayFM”. It lends it’s self easily to those kinds of improvisations.
The second song is the bastard child of three songs I’ve written in the past. The guitar riff was originally the pre-chorus to a jazz/hip hop track I wrote last year named “Dream”. The chorus lyrics are from a song I played with the Eclective named “It’s On” and one of the verses is from a song I did with Direct Influence way back in the early days named “So Right”. I like the way they blend together. It changes key from Dm to Am but the “She Told Me” chorus lyrics still work and even though the beat is exactly the same, with all the syncopation in “Gather the Matter” it feels like there is a groove change.

Rockin’ Blues

I first wrote this song as a 1-4-5 upbeat swung rock n roll track but I was never really happy with where it sat so had never started performing it live. Then last year while I was on Koh Tao, Thailand with Andy V we began jamming a Ray Charles inspired groove at a bar called Fishbowl and the Lyrics found their home. You can hear the first time I ever played it here. It’s changed a little since then as I had to work on a way to play it with out the help of Andy V, but the general arrangement is still the same.


This song has been with me a long time however I think this is the first loop performance recording of the track. I first wrote it in 2006 while playing with the Groove Collective in Byron Bay. It never made it to the studio until 2012 when I went in with The Simon Wright Band for “Live at 52”. That performance which you can see here, earned me a nomination for the Australian Independent Music Awards 2013, a position in the Victorian finals for the Telstra Road To Discovery and made the finals of the national Catapult Song Contest with names like Ash Grunwald and Dallas Frasca.
The basic idea of the song is a love song dedicated to the life long partner I’ve chosen in music. People often ask who is the girl I was writing about, but it’s no girl, it is music. Recently “Music” passed 10,000 views on youtube and is the first of my original songs to accomplish this milestone. You can purchase a copy along with the rest of “Live at 52” from

Radio interview and Live on-air performance


Click here to listen Radio interview and Live on-air performance

On the 17th Dec this year Shane, Richy and I went into the BayFm and recorded a live performance and interview with Alistare on Live and Local.

Alistare started Live and Local about 6 months ago and amazingly my dad and I were the first live act. It’s a great show, showcasing local Byron talent with the occasional touring act. It’s  worth checking out. It’s on every Sunday at 11am till 2pm and you can listen too it from anywhere on the net. Here is the link

“Music” Makes The Cut

The Simon Wright Band MusicOz AIMA Finalists

Tomorrow I fly to Sydney to take a walk on the red carpet and be a part of this years Australian Independent Music Awards at The Star Casino. The MusicOz AIMA are held annually and celebrate the achievements of our country’s independent artists. There are 18 categories ranging from pop to live, the category that we have become a finalist in. Though it is a minor category, I am so proud to be recognised by my industry.

It’s been quite the journey for “Music”. I wrote it many years ago when I first decided to move to Melbourne and concentrate on my performance career. It only just missed the cut when we were deciding on the tracks for “SW&theE” EP back in ’09 with the Eclective. When I finally had the opportunity to get in the studio again after winning some time in a battle of the bands, “Music” was the first on the track list. Since then it has gone on to be a top 30 finalist in this years Catapult National Song Contest, got me selected as a finalist in Telstra’s Road To Discovery and now a top 12 finalist in this years MusicOz Australian Independent Music Awards Live category. I suppose it’s fitting that this song would stand out. Over the years my music has changed and morphed in so many directions but I have always identified with “Music”.
WordpressQuoteYou often loose a connection with songs you write as you move past the time that you wrote it. You can grow out of them, loose interest or sometimes you just don’t like bringing up that part of your emotional history, but this song, has always been close. It’s always felt like me.

I am a wreck at the moment, anytime my music is judged professionally, I go crazy. The thought of winning gets me over excited and the thought of not winning is terrifying.
I keep reminding myself that I’ve already made the achievement the day I wrote the song, then again the day I first performed it for an audience, then again the day I recorded it, then again when I was nominated and became a finalist. Still, the butterflies in my stomach and the cracks in my confidence care for none of that. They care for one thing….. and it’s not coming runner up. I’m also shit scared of red carpets. Not the carpet itself, that would just be weird, but the concept. I know the media aren’t going to want to talk to me, they will be swooning around the Bernad Fannings and John Butlers, so what do I do? Just stand around and try to not get snapped mouth breathing with my finger in my nose. Or even worse, what if the media do want to talk to me? What am I going to say. What if I win, what am I going to say? Shit, what am I going to wear.

Video for “Music” By The Simon Wright Band, MusicOz AIMA 2013 finalist in the “Live” category

“Music” Live in the Studio by The Simon Wright Band

Wish me luck gang,
Si x

The Simon Wright Band Melting Pot Gig Review

ImageEvelyn Hotel – Tuesday 17/7/12

There’s an air of anticipation at the Evelyn Hotel tonight for those like me who can remember the two-year Monday night residency previously held by Simon Wright with his long-running funk/roots act; Simon Wright & The Eclective. Why? We’ve got a member of The Eclective back on stage – guitarist Tristan McCoppin – and just like the old Monday nights, the band are embarking on a double set!

I’m sitting by candlelight as Simon strums the classic blues intro to his opening song; a slow blues number which attributes the influence of to his blues-guitarist father from Byron Bay, aptly showing his versatility.

Drummer Shane Evans is introduced as his alter-ego ‘Shaggy’ by the third song which is always an entertaining novelty and crowd favourite (tonight is no exception), where Shane’s vocal style, generally reserved for harmonies and backing vocals, is brought to the forefront of the performance as he imitates 90′s rasta/rap star ‘Shaggy’ with impressive poise.

The familiar tunes begin to flow through: ‘Music’; ‘Four Letter Word’; ‘You Don’t Know’, all with the refreshing sounds of Tristan McCoppin’s super-clean telecaster.

There is something I find it hard to get over with this new line-up, however which is the lack of a horn section which used to give Simon’s tunes a punching line of versatility and presence. I hope Simon looks to reinstall this in the near future.

Also, the drumming style of Shane Evans may be far removed from that of his predecessors in Simon’s acts; but there is a certain air and feel that the two possess together that creates an intimate musical understanding. Shane lacks no talent on the kit, but….  Read the full article


Written by Josh Forner


The Simon Wright Band Melting Pot Feature

ImageInspired by South Pacific Reggae and ’50s/’60s rhythm and blues, The Simon Wright Band has taken their new EP Live at 52 in a different direction. Due out in late September, the 5 track EP was recorded and filmed as a live session in the studio.

Though he grew up in a house with over 30 guitars and had a musician for a father, lead vocalist and songwriter Simon Wright had little interest in music. A keen surfer and skater, Simon only took up playing and writing songs about 10 years ago when he became disillusioned by university. Early influences like Ben Harper have given way to bands like Fat Freddy’s Drop and Che-Fu, as well as Dirty Loops and ’90s soul.

Rather than pigeon-holing themselves in one genre, The Simon Wright Band has created a fusion of styles that allows for spontaneity in their gigs.

Mixing soul, funk, rhythm and blues, as well as some crowd-pleasing Michael Jackson covers, The Simon Wright Band continues to gain a reputation for their dynamic live performances.

At present the EP is going through a final mix and Simon has launched pre-sales through the crowd sourcing website Pozible…… Read the full article

Written by Chris Gorley


Beat Mag Q&A

ImageQ&A: The Simon Wright Band

So you’re playing Alcatraz this Thursday night at The GH. Have you seen the venue since it’s multi-million dollar transformation?

Not with my own eyes. I wanted to be there last week as my brother’s band was playing (Engine Three Seven) but I was otherwise committed. I saw the photos, the place looks amazing, and the boys told me the sound there is next level. I’m looking forward to seeing Sir Apples on that stage. I’ve been watching his set come to life for years, it will be great to see it with all the smoke and mirrors. I’m really excited about the show and the venue. I’m always a little excited to see the birth of a new spot.

As Simon Wright & The Eclective (and with residencies at The Night Cat and The Evelyn) you’ve built a loyal following in Melbourne. Tell us how The Simon Wright Band differs to ‘The Eclective in sound and setup?

When I first moved to Melbourne I put together my dream band, The Eclective. It was made up of some of the finest players I could find. Friendship came as a symptom to the music. With the new group the music is a symptom of the friendship. I’ve known Shane Evans (drums) since we were kids growing up in Byron Bay and Nick Ohlson (bass), I met 10 years ago doing the circuit with Marshal And The Fro, another Byron band. The Eclective was a seven piece band with soul-funk instrumentation, while The Simon Wright Band, a three piece, is much more rootsy with a blues rock undertone.

You’ve just returned back from an east coast run of shows. Where were the shows and what were the highlights?

We had a ball, it’s always fun to go back to Byron. I played the Byron Reggae Festival solo, then the boys joined me for the Beach Hotel (Byron Bay), The Joint (Brisbane), The Rails (Byron Bay) and the Pacific Hotel (Yamba). The Beach Hotel would have to be the highlight. A huge turn out and they just wanted to party. My dad played guitar with us that night- he used to play at The Beach Hotel when I was just a kid, and boy, can that man strum an axe. It’s a good feeling getting drunk on stage in front of a thousand people with your dad standing over your shoulder saying “Nice work son!”.

We hear your drummer Shano is a bit of a party animal on the road. Any shameful incidents from your recent tour?

Ha, there were many. Most of which I can’t mention as they may be incriminating. One of which involved scaring the shirt off a random Irish backpacker, and another taking the shirt off a bridesmaid on the side of the highway. Slightly less illegal though is a character that has come to life on tour we call ‘Shaneomatapia’. He only comes out once Shane is completely inebriated. He is an Aussie hip-hop legend from the Adelaide Hills, self proclaimed ‘Oz’s best MC’. There are a couple of clips on our Facebook page if you want to check him out for yourself.

And finally, what would you consider to be your Best… Gig… Ever.

There has been so many memorable ones over the years, but I’d have to say for us, as a new band, was the first ever show we did together, Folk Rhythm and Life Festival last year. I was booked to play the festival with The Eclective, but due to reasons I won’t get into, the boys cancelled on me days before the gig. I was not going to let the experience go to waste so I asked my good friend Shaneo to come do the show. Once we arrived at the festival we started scouting players from other bands on the bill. We ended up with an all-star cast including; Gilly G and Lee Morgan on guitars, Ben Harrison on trumpet, Will Morrissey on sax and of course the new bass player Nick Ohlson. With no rehearsal we rocked the headline spot on the Campers stage to a bunch of loose, weekend hippies, it was awesome. I love when it just works like that.

The Simon Wright Band play Thursday October 20 at Alcatraz At The GH: St Kilda’s newest Thursday night out! Also playing are three-piece rockers Sir Apples. Doors open 8pm until midnight. On stage 10pm. Entry is only $6 if you mention the band.